is interpretation about something else. bus stops. snow. waiting for the weekend. clinic for vascular diseases malmö-lund. it costs he says. that it’s common. returns. the rain comes back. few-flowered sedge. police cars. ambulances. come up and circle on the small turning place. changing the missing or broken parts. different kinds of foam. in the corners of the mouth. bubble and grow. says she wants to borrow money. substituted and replacing the endorphins. dedication a hundred times stronger. knowledge for the dead. a white bleeding. almost no one but seniors by the swimming pool. i dive and swim below the lines through the sky breathing is easy.

fluttering in a yellow bush by the subway station. it’s a thick gravel road. lots of rocks. nib the ink runs through. silk belt. or a sharp tounge. barriers can lie before fertilization. brake pads. and amalgam. what stops. and surges. the measures taken is criticized by the world health organization. he denies strongly that he himself should have been intoxicated. bonds are broken and stretched. never never never again. your heads hands. rivers over the maps veins beaches waves brakes against the embankment of memory. and i think yellow blue a wheat field on a picture of scania. this responsibility is irrevocable. the enamel in your round ear chew now. and swallow. a rosary prayer and prayer and prayer in the throat.

-from Anna Hallberg’s Mil

[read the responses: “Terminal things”, “Because the land was besieged by the sea…”, and “move over…”]


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