[response to “the raw spot of this…” and “Alex cut himself on a piece of glass…”]

Standing here and not knowing what
to pick up is an accurate knowledge.
If it was arrested if it was apparent
to you. The knee that jerks is a sated
memory and I believe I shouldn’t have to
restate it from the border. Reason like
windows is for us to know violently
like a shock like a hunted not like the
conversation missed so shockingly.
Jerk like a hunted standing there I
reason so accurately. Pick up the
knowledge from the border I restate
violently the accurate record of the
conversation sated. None of this of course
apparent to you. Memory from the border
I believe I have to violently. I believe
violently I shouldn’t reason like this.
There I so accurately if it was there.
Pick it up hunted reason like this is
reason shockingly. Missed so violently
standing there you reasoned you hunted
you pick up the conversation from the
border. Of course apparent to you.
If I write you one more time I will not.
What I am refusing is to let not. What
I do not know is how in wordplay.

[read the response: “same Revolver;lips slot.Wintry ask;clamoR Reach”]


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