[response to “Reasonable Disintegration // A Romance”]

Unreasonable disintegration   \\
A Satire

A shifting center: two hectometers
to the
.      left      and
.                it’s back where you started.

it’s back where you started.ight take a few hours
It was said, within a universe of
.           circles,
.                        all motion would be
Relative. (This might take a few hours
to process) Wherever it is, this ground
is fertile for barriers–so much junk
in there already. Even minuscule

Barbs keep out infants from either side of
the bone.

.           Oh how they sang when the fire-
arms fired back!
.                            It was war-time, so at
the fold-out table, in the slobbery

glutton’s fit of the consciously desperate,
gripping spades, we all chanted,  “crack the crust
of my caramel custard — myam!” Already
it’s too much. Poetry-man, I threw up.

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