[Response to “// The Law of Second //”]

At the feast they’ve set the tables with

dyou expect us to eat that

it’s a splendid planet of dupes

you’ve got here.

I hear a cuz cussed: you there, cus-

-tardface.  Leaping peels

of oranges plucked, the peals

of church leps:

throw us something.

Button pushers.  That’s

why they’ve got

a refuse bucket.  What’s it like,

catering for child soldiers?

I think about them

chewing qat, better to chew cud

with whatever it is they’ve got.

ducking bullets, bud.

Recall a slumber party

cots, a coddled kid

dawdled, not so calmly

(take kittens for example)

wearing out the elastic

of his underwear.

I think about doing something else

with my plastic silverware

about mess kits

and ruling at ping pong.


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