[response to “Do List”]

I don’t smoke. I don’t need the black

Just the breathe, no smoke.

I don’t make mistakes.  I don’t.

I. I.


Don’t talk to him on Facebook.  You said you wouldn’t.

I would have done this with you tonight.

It’s not the truth, but I think it makes sense.

And I think I might wish you were never there.

Start over:

I did smoke. I started with Blacks

Because they crackle.

I do make mistakes. Make mistakes.

Do. Do. Do.

They feel so good.

Summer air and true words think out right.

On Skype, and in and out.

I’m always doing something tonight.

You can tell people now.  I feel so good just as long as you’re not there.

Last To-Do:

I made a mistake.  Vibrations.

Shared experience.

We kissed on the subway too.

You deleted my number.

A day after we talked on Facebook chat.

Crying notes of a clarinet–I think I may, might,

Let you up in smoke tonight.

[read response: “Melting candles mean nothing none knowhow…”]


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