[response to “Celebration, commonly marking the occurrence of something…”]

We gathered in “salient dollops of three or four to “examine our writing and ideas and “whether they needed more salt or just “collated measures of “compelling language” and “novel juice,” and one patriot asked whether we meant “novel” juice or novel “juice,” to which we unanimously replied “’novel juice,’ like we said,” except for the second of the patriots who actually replied, “novel juice, like we said,” the quotes having been “scared right out of his words, for which a third patriot accused him of “blatant plagiarism, burning bridges, and “sticking high-voltage electrodes up our “low-voltage bums,” a metaphor which not one drop of us could understand “the meaning” of, but some fourth patriot stuck out his hand, forwards, shouting “Death to meaning! Death to understanding! Death to patriotism, jibber-jabber, eloquence, and alliteration!””””””””

The professor looked at the problem child, who wore beautiful, soggy eyeballs, and asked, “What’s wrong with alliteration?” The fifth and sixth patriots began wailing miserably, ending our celebration.


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