[response to “you say let me, I was dropped…”]


lamister Lady meets lamelliform Laddy makes her

place where you put the trash down two runners cleaning it with their shoes

hard to put them both in the Mystery without Assfucking here being over their allegory alibi

a hot waste a fast race we’re tilling the um factory we’re putting

because their Sex is like an ample stick in your own Ass pulls you in what they stand outside for which is a Vice

all of the fuel into outhouse detection we’re pushing the cart down

Ass is a Hot Fire in this case, tries to put the paper that you are or I am in it, tries to make her like that in that Hot not of any great importance

the fallout clearing we’re holding the ransom for questioning we’re

hard to stick it in a hesitant position which you try to turn into an enabling conversation

throwing all the bad stuff in the buffer we’re juicing

with her End in this excuse for my say you don’t hear what I approach in sorry increments

up the appointment we’re going as far as every unit

it fits in the small Space on your Face.

shakes around.


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