[Response to “EnJoy” ]

All that popsicle, that’s a lot of popsicle — pop a wheely, drop, tickle, drop, tickle, drop, trickle, thick drop on a thin skull, rots and sticks, fought to win, tossed away the skull, lost, cost nothing, still breathing, hot-fussing, skull-digging, not loving — it’s a lot of popsicle for him with rough cuff heals, been a ways on rough wheels, rough wheels no love heals –trenches through rough fields, trenches through enough to feel –tough, real, love, squeal –that’s a lot of popsicle, shake it, shake that mop, fickle, known a lot of hip nickle strictly-wisecrack hit-giggle riots like yourself, chuckle, hide til it’s hell, knuckle down, mama tucks you in, lucky kid across town — but that’s a lot of popsicle to enJoy, two enJoy, twin boys with men’s toys, trollin, spoiled, paranoid, enJOY ENJOY, end near, end here, enjoy, end fear, despair, fist bare, miss, tear, popsicle, promice not to miss —


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