[response to “Narrative let go…”]

Narrative re: gained conspicuous team of mole-rats (clothed) in giant skins much too large for their mole rat-skeletons. There was an odd (one) puddling into shapes like circles, tri-angles, and the (forthright-narrator) mold caused an unforgivable con-fusion of scale. As mole-rats of all sizes dripped into the beaker, narrative, exothermic reactions dis-assembled (in) the minds of the reader.

Chill (out) for twenty-four hours. Smash the glass container over a stale and (door) knobby sofa. If one is lacking (mole-rat) necessities one visits the mole (rat-store) front and asks for Timothy. Your sofa is covered and you don’t know what to do but roll in it and show off your mole-rat coating and ask Timothy: What’s next?(!)


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