[response to the coffee under the coffee]

no i made a totem because it was neither you nor myself that i trusted
wondered i never could get you to like things without sugar and
guessed afterwards i always knew more about //you always pretended
you didn’t know more about power but // afterwards i didn’t write a letter
i wrote a string of them thirty-two to be honest and they fit on one side
of an index card and in red i’ll soon pick it up and fold it into strips and
even // i never wanted to know about summer it’s warmer now and the
roaches are back so much i wander out when the smell of repellent fills
the apartment and // cold cups of coffee stay on the desk where they’re
left // i remember distinctly the last thing i trusted was the smell of
grapefruit but // there’s a place somewhere out powerfully left // look at
the old sights this // have love what the highway and the head of state


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