[response to “no i made a totem…”]

your preference for salt, no, more salt, preferred too tasty things and women \\ outlasted all of my desires except maybe my abilities to written \\ tactfully, avoiding power-struggle, the soup tastes good, of course, just not the soup i am looking for \\ thirty-two letters i wrote, only one index card’s worth arrived saliently or in fine, conditioning, on whether \\ will you carry it \\ will you hold it \\ you are consuming it \\ without salt for once I thought you might wonder how chewy a cricket or a roach in a battered \\ fragrance you’ve left fridged the kind i’m not like \\ from your body the salty kind \\ lingers and i can’t control it \\ and you can’t be eating it \\ head to long for summer the days \\ of sweaty skin are over for


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