[response to “Narrative re: gained”]

Nar: rative enflared, native rats engulfed in flames, enflamed in a gulf, gullets ablaze, emblazoned on our eyes in the form of creeping rivulets, rivers that seep and morph and rise into mazes across the Mercurial borealis, quadrated and conflagrated in the spectralcrater spectaculars lining the chromatist’s basin: a

molar mumpsimus. Like lemmings to the carapace, lambs to the fodder —

immolated lengthwise, strength in molestation, abrasions to the nth degree, with this decree they hereby break free, beer-high and fake-flee to the polar molewards, spokes annotated with ribbons and neon tape, stoked by supernatural bellows, coal-fired and hickory-smoked, their moldy skins rising past them in slick webs of sparks, and their

rodentine eyes slowly filling with red. Nothing cavilled, everything dead.

— we carom and combust, our last thought –  “ignite!” – in spite of the sawdust twixt our ears, everything bright with fear and bitter, we summit Glitterntin and salute Odin as smoke the smell of burning bones (razor as knife pitch as night) issues from our orifices and in one last sharpdark dash we


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