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[Response to: Afternoon drapes]

To exist.



[Response to: Noon drapes]

Afternoon drapes.

Barney’s tail draped. He hung upside down. They claimed to love him.

His fabric eyes like softballs thrown into round sweet pork buns. All he wanted was a bun.

Purple was the shine of life, and time ticked from noon drapes. If only he ate pears that morning.

Pear Sorbet. Frozen Pear. Pear turnover cake. Pear foster…Gluten Free? 1/4c. dark rum.

That is what 1:12pm needs rum.

Hand Pant flecks paint and the eyes. Those awful eyes. The children loved him.

The VHS unraveled
and raveled and tangled. Undone on the floor, covered in apple juice.


[a response to Dis [integrate neighbor] Cover…Duck! BOOM!]

Noon drapes.

Draping a pant on a rail. Peeled a pant off a rail and flecks of paint from the rail sticking to the pant. And peels of paint sticking on the hand from the pant from the rail. And drapes around the eyes. Paint on the eyes as the drapes, and in the eyes the reflection of pant.

2.2 Seconds Before

[Response to: Trudy was a good dog…]

2 Frames of Silence.

4 Attempts, My heart still ticks. The chew toy’s survival rate is way beyond my heart.


[Response to: “Dis [integrate neighbor] Cover…Duck! BOOM!”]

Trudy was a good dog. She lived a splendid life. The world ended on her 12th day in the world. Trudy died, her chew toy survived.

Burn Burn Burn


[Response to: Sound is Sound ]

Dis [integrate neighbor] Cover…Duck! BOOM!

They Never Met


[response to: Trimming Hairs Revisited]

Sound is Sound.

A finger once filling the next to the blender.

A finger once jammed in a door. The pinky was in pain.

The happiest thing for a person to have is twister on a sour day. (with a mint julep!)

Walk around – a radical nude walking a naked cat.

As in the communal shower, that was only occupied by one.

Veneer of washed plates peered in by a doe on a scorcher.
Same smile if neighbors had trust, and returned balls.

Community that’s a neighbor. [They had never met. She was also a neighbor. She lived in a small town outside of Johanneberg.]

Trim in the sense that life always seemed shorter.

That stealth was watching, void in the evening.

While she practiced stealth, whoosh.