[Response to He did know. The day after…]

It was hard to see the garden. Water and stress blazing his eyes. Soft sensation at his feet. Moist converse flooded his sous. A miserable saint Bernard came over to find shelter. Licked behind the knees. Soaked to the core. Stressed from tg r water. Couldn’t see the words view the stress. Pounds over and over again. Honks stress out. His name was penske. Moved newspapers from one dock to another. Fished with night crawlers. Pale white stress is a sickness. Anger his face goes red heart purple. Breath. Mmmmmm. Pie could solve everything. Time ticks pie and pumpkin slowly stretched down his throat. Large parks and tangly iguanas crawl from space to place. If they visited would they know of stress and water. Could they tajke peace down under. Avoid alll stress take shelter in hypnosis deliver me in pizza and allow my trips to go forth and allow emotions to wash back from where they came.


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