[Respone to: Dog in a black hole…]

1. in the beginning, the dog was glamorous and kept its cool.
2. Now the space was formless and empty,
and the space seemed to ask,
does that dog look like a collie to you
or does it look more like a golden retriever
curled up like that in a basket.
3. and the apse said, spicy i like your colours.
4. one day, the space spun like a tie-dye melanoma and the dog spun in
counterclockwise direction.
5. the insides of the dog’s basket grew infinitely hot, painfully shiny
and rich with odors.
6. space is where the impossible comes out from
like a dog on a rock/et
7. and if it’s not really monsters, the monsters can’t really be there then, and are therefore not physically real.


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