[In Response to She Existed Only To Explode…]

But Why Explode when you can fly. Fly Fly Fly. ALl the time, so high, like a dragon fly, through cries, of listenings to the album 5. She wanted to metamorphosize into a floating mobile high in the sky. A mobile that could stretch over all of Texas, like the ultimate ode to Alexander Calder. Shifts, shapes, spinning in the wind, mind the hurricanes and tornados, Dorthy don’t know shit. She just tapped around in those silly red shoes but little did she know that all that she ever was seemed to be a tripped manifistation of a silly man in lion suit who took a tad bit too much acid that fine day. Colors blur, monkey fly, and we come to know the sleep as we die, stretched among a million bright colors, prism prism prism.

So spook yourself out, don’t try to scream, just live and breath, for its Halloween!


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