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[Response to: Why must the subway boil…]

Glowing in the underground for a report from those in costume. Ra this morning is green like fresh turtles of the estuary. I read in a newspaper on a bus to treat a fever diversely from accepted wisdom you suspend it in the eyes for a foreshortened totem. One syntax draws a line and another one hangs itself from it. Hung syntax on a wall of brick with forewarning. Pigeons walk jerkily around it and surmise.

There is a wall of books that Ra is standing on this morning by the lattice. For this reason he is so green and cheerful. He is filibustering his old digits in a can of worms. He has had the worms way too dear. The frogs will not jump for them. He is hoping to approach a pilgrimage to Luxor. When he steps from the books and into a wall of subway he takes the train to the end of the line. There he is painted in more green and subsides like a constellated fortress.


[Response to: A portrait of Ra…]

Why must the subway boil oh so much in the winter time
sweat just pouring down your brow, making the back of your shirt oh so sticky sticky sticky
deodorant helps or at least thats what the tv tells me,
or maybe it just makes angels fall from the sky
I saw a making of that in a theater
Beginners with a talking dog
The Future with a talking cat
my life has not talking dog or cat
only a few talking versions of myself
one wears a pirate hate from time to time
Mr. Butlertron
Crash, crash, Crash, crash
zoooooom Crash


[In response to: A pageview from the stars…}

A Portrit of Ra, The Sun God…