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this is what I’d like it to look like, mother.



[Response to: Reptiles impersonating each other…]


[Response to: Slithering across the green slime…]

reptiles impersonating each other under the moon. slimes swimming in acceptance of their own mortality. this is what he was with subterrestrial rats and alligators a united front. shimmying as response to turtle fantasy. boots squashing in sewage line dance. kicking to bust a gut. fourleg frolic when alligators open man-shaped jaws. improbable, rank, disappointing boats. sad murky face.

the kremlin stifled a yawn against a brick backhand of nostrils. it had been days since such figures of guts busted populating. a figure so busty you catch it with a train from a prairie. the train was hitting something and it was too damn big to stop.

you know how they’ll write about icepicks again and again and again . protect us. project protectiles from icebergs in the shining sea. revolution and all other things that die in a conveyance. each other under the light shining from a manhole. margins margins like glowworms from a harrow plying.


[Response to: Glowing in the underground…]

Slithering across the green slime, darkness consumed them all. Swimming through and through by dams and waterfall and rafts of the unknown. Poisoned Aspirin Chechnya. Parallel. My grandfather manufactured bricks for a living. Sky Rats find their own doom among bread in the street.

Which one is the secret passage way…the one to the executive bathroom. (Silly Man in a fur coat). Kermit. Can I fish with those? I am going to eat them. For reptiles sort of suck when it comes to dancing…except for alligators. The Turkey was so delicious, she did not known that it came from soy product. Rides back and forth each day on the silly silly holiday train. Solitude comes in many shapes and sizes but tends to be the color blue.