[Response to: Slithering across the green slime…]

reptiles impersonating each other under the moon. slimes swimming in acceptance of their own mortality. this is what he was with subterrestrial rats and alligators a united front. shimmying as response to turtle fantasy. boots squashing in sewage line dance. kicking to bust a gut. fourleg frolic when alligators open man-shaped jaws. improbable, rank, disappointing boats. sad murky face.

the kremlin stifled a yawn against a brick backhand of nostrils. it had been days since such figures of guts busted populating. a figure so busty you catch it with a train from a prairie. the train was hitting something and it was too damn big to stop.

you know how they’ll write about icepicks again and again and again . protect us. project protectiles from icebergs in the shining sea. revolution and all other things that die in a conveyance. each other under the light shining from a manhole. margins margins like glowworms from a harrow plying.


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