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[Response to: bzzzzz: Radio…]

Soda Pop, POP, POP
Female, Femininity, Feminism
Scratched out records, PIXIES
Dropped Drop, Click Brown
Fallen Out, Falling 10 stories down through a glass window, OH MY OH MY OH MY OH MY OH DAD
Cracked out, take a hit, want to flip, flip, flip
Free Willy, Home Alone
Role Models, Lost World
burned in the brain, to the membrane, gone insane, take a train, fly a plan
Master Chief be Insane, the horror the horror the horror OH sister
Flat Line, Flat Spine, Crushed




this is what I’d like it to look like, mother.


[Response to: Afternoon drapes.]

I say: is it this already the shine of the already-ate. This is what midnight needs one more set of limbs. I say this is what asks an upside down attention the kind it was hard to spell when you were a kid and long words like upside down sounded like they were hard to spell. Right? Like. I say. It is a nonrepresentational statue of a Great and they do not want it to be shown to them they prefer it would be kept in its own small (degenerate) circle of admirers (degenerate). The necks on that statue. Those awful necks.


[response to: MODOK]

gold, silver, bronze, thatch, flint, fish scales, bubble wrap, plywood, liverwurst, subway token, onion ring, nutmeg, lube, croissant, wire, hair, floor tile, splinters, diamond, scaffold, clown fish, plaid, ammonia, ankles, india ink, blowdryer, star fruit, cushion, condom, fountain pen, pomade, sea turtle, latch, vegan, shark, revolver, dew, clay, balloon, chip, pillowcase, paint, open flame, aquatint, cave, office supply, chariot, newspaper, keychain, scuba tank, charm bracelet, dollar bill, novelty shape, baseball bat, dot matrix, transfat, treat, egg cup, cellophane, julep


[response to: On edge]



[response to: On edge]

things made possible by the fingertips of enunciated hands. miniscule tears in paper. untying a small animal. a little kid interested in drawing the pouring rain and putting ugly rocks into a box.

my grandmother once said hey don’t dance around in the living room. if you fall on the television it will explode.

that’s what I like to tell the old tree so old it turned itself into worms. I say I know what’s underneath you, tree, and when the stock market comes back up we’ll sure get away from here. believe me. my loyalty is not untried it’s just that your hair is on fire?

that’s what’s called a curve ball why aren’t you taking it? it’s the most important press conference of your life and you couldn’t even come up with a tie. now you’re saying you’ve been reading up on economics and you think you can get your rigidity back. that’s nice but I’ll believe it when the colors get inverted, cracks make wet sticking noises to each other and raccoons stop coming through the ceiling


[response to the coffee under the coffee]

no i made a totem because it was neither you nor myself that i trusted
wondered i never could get you to like things without sugar and
guessed afterwards i always knew more about //you always pretended
you didn’t know more about power but // afterwards i didn’t write a letter
i wrote a string of them thirty-two to be honest and they fit on one side
of an index card and in red i’ll soon pick it up and fold it into strips and
even // i never wanted to know about summer it’s warmer now and the
roaches are back so much i wander out when the smell of repellent fills
the apartment and // cold cups of coffee stay on the desk where they’re
left // i remember distinctly the last thing i trusted was the smell of
grapefruit but // there’s a place somewhere out powerfully left // look at
the old sights this // have love what the highway and the head of state