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[Response to: BAM!!! The New Year, so much to fear]

One day while gazing at moonbushes, my attorney ringed me on the jellyfone.

“As your attorney, I advise you not to miffle, and please parsellate the torquat.”

My attorney rarely makes sense yet charges an arm and a leg for services rendered. I would never have learned the definitions of words like rendered if it wasn’t for my attorney.

My attorney has a killer instinct.
Kill! Kill! BAM!

My attorney also reads books.

I cannot trust my attorney because my attorney is not my friend. My attorney is my lover.

I’m tired of hearing, “As your attorney, I advise you to pick up some groceries.” I find it violently unprofessional.



[Response to: Reptiles impersonating each other…]


[Response to: A portrait of Ra…]

Why must the subway boil oh so much in the winter time
sweat just pouring down your brow, making the back of your shirt oh so sticky sticky sticky
deodorant helps or at least thats what the tv tells me,
or maybe it just makes angels fall from the sky
I saw a making of that in a theater
Beginners with a talking dog
The Future with a talking cat
my life has not talking dog or cat
only a few talking versions of myself
one wears a pirate hate from time to time
Mr. Butlertron
Crash, crash, Crash, crash
zoooooom Crash


[Response to: 1. in the beginning…]


[Response to: when the monsters arrive in the garden…]

Mini Monster Mash

…3 EGGS….

[Response to: the objects of the garden…

Monster Word.


[Response to It was hard to see the garden.]

she was on the bad trip, take a hit, when you know you got to flip. This and that crawled, with the sprawl, and a very large thing that used to sing when it creeped on minor things with its sling, that slowly changed phases and crawled with the tazers, and would duck through lazers, just to have a prom ball, when the dj set is stalled, and the mushroom aint installed, cause you always be a fool when you stick with the school, and my words they just rule, and your voices be so cruel, cause she would chill on the pills up the hill like Jack and Jill give me wills to fulfill, depositing this and that in the bloc’s northeast corner at 5 points when driving 9 points, going 155 knowing that you be rolling towards the points, take a hit, flip a coin pull your groin when you that the Toynbee Idea has glacial till housed pounds and souls in yesterday’s buckets. 3 pointers, check it out i do the criss cross like a man on wire, bout to be set on a single fire with the cross over hand and hte major football, dont be thinking of a single sit stall.

Water left it in its stack in the thicket. that was the alluvium in short shorts and a dark tank in a stack by the thicket, I am a picket fence painted in white with a girl all jumping through the single pissed tripe.  A sediment bucket with tics by the habitat pond. And Irene be flowing like she was around in the single sound, got to record those beats and let it fly south (this fly was endemic to the garden.) the garden was coarse, thorough, yet he refused to believe fluvially in its mysterious security. DOn’t be calling 911 cause you got my number and I be above the law with ever single cover, cause street life is hard,  he felt sure he needed to convince somebody guarded of something particular. somebody would want to be convinced by him. but in the film of the catastrophe garden, directed by michael bay with the ray gun causing spectacular images of fireworks exploding in heaven though nuclear crisis of bombs and proximity minds just stick with that A button.

There was a point at which everything wasn’t going to be alright. no one peace was cosmopolitan, wasn’t it?, and no one endemic fly was cosmopolitan, either. flies had shells despite precaution. the garden guarded its peace like a particulate in alveoli. like a grain in upbringing. take shelter in thickets, long rides in cars and baked skin when its thin and your getting married in a war and existence is thin, and the world is disolving because of her and him, and you watched them on the news make the decisions that put you 18 feet under the two richer deaccessed, no time for the massacre no one to protect just got to stay still and wait for the bullet, hiding underneath the ground knowing the fire be comming downtown. take shelter in long rides in cars that wipe personality clean, reinvent yourself to stand above the new order, the new generation is built upon the disorder. Sell the Car, buy a Bike, ride it home, forget the Hikes.