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[Response to: A portrait of Ra…]

Why must the subway boil oh so much in the winter time
sweat just pouring down your brow, making the back of your shirt oh so sticky sticky sticky
deodorant helps or at least thats what the tv tells me,
or maybe it just makes angels fall from the sky
I saw a making of that in a theater
Beginners with a talking dog
The Future with a talking cat
my life has not talking dog or cat
only a few talking versions of myself
one wears a pirate hate from time to time
Mr. Butlertron
Crash, crash, Crash, crash
zoooooom Crash



[Respone to: Dog in a black hole…]

1. in the beginning, the dog was glamorous and kept its cool.
2. Now the space was formless and empty,
and the space seemed to ask,
does that dog look like a collie to you
or does it look more like a golden retriever
curled up like that in a basket.
3. and the apse said, spicy i like your colours.
4. one day, the space spun like a tie-dye melanoma and the dog spun in
counterclockwise direction.
5. the insides of the dog’s basket grew infinitely hot, painfully shiny
and rich with odors.
6. space is where the impossible comes out from
like a dog on a rock/et
7. and if it’s not really monsters, the monsters can’t really be there then, and are therefore not physically real.


[Response to He did know. The day after…]

It was hard to see the garden. Water and stress blazing his eyes. Soft sensation at his feet. Moist converse flooded his sous. A miserable saint Bernard came over to find shelter. Licked behind the knees. Soaked to the core. Stressed from tg r water. Couldn’t see the words view the stress. Pounds over and over again. Honks stress out. His name was penske. Moved newspapers from one dock to another. Fished with night crawlers. Pale white stress is a sickness. Anger his face goes red heart purple. Breath. Mmmmmm. Pie could solve everything. Time ticks pie and pumpkin slowly stretched down his throat. Large parks and tangly iguanas crawl from space to place. If they visited would they know of stress and water. Could they tajke peace down under. Avoid alll stress take shelter in hypnosis deliver me in pizza and allow my trips to go forth and allow emotions to wash back from where they came.


[Response to: ALSO, further, furthermore…]

Level One of the vaguely greek poem: He remembers the wheel on the post and then he speaks. He speaks about the green of his parents’ childhoods and the trains from which his father threw his socks. The neighborhood has not changed the green was already gone. The air was sticky and the train drew through it at what approached fantastic speeds comparable to meandering birds and sparrows. He subtly mentions a pronoun twice and impresses his readers with discernibility. The secret he says is skull, gut and sensitive fingers.

Level Five of the vaguely greek poem: Touching my hand it refers to a spirit of discernibility nesting in stripped stockings. With a knife he draws the wheel of the fruit suspiciously and locates the image with seeds comparable to what birds locate looking while others don’t. A small flat animal walks by watching the birds and does not approach. The poem appears to be wearing several layers appropriate for halcyon mobile defenestration in a better time. Time keeps changing and this year marks the second time a plant is recorded in history having devoured a bird.

Level Seven of the vaguely greek poem: In the background its whine becomes a different tone saved in the holding space of the evening. One wheel rocks forward and one back the rider trying to stay in one place while speaking to someone. Posting a discord on a wall he gets embroiled in a well of sparrows. In the poem his voice has a certain amount of words. Brackets get a higher purpose and parentheses don’t. Parentheses are too much a notion of craft while brackets as though desire that not everything be ‘understood.’ Brackets are the rhetoricians’ stronger hands in a world designed by someone. Brackets get it.


[Response to: Sound is Sound ]

Dis [integrate neighbor] Cover…Duck! BOOM!

They Never Met


[Response to: Foil man, foul man…]

Never Seen Again

Sunday I will sit on his behalf.


[response to departure…]

3 Sisters