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[Response to: Glowing in the underground…]

Slithering across the green slime, darkness consumed them all. Swimming through and through by dams and waterfall and rafts of the unknown. Poisoned Aspirin Chechnya. Parallel. My grandfather manufactured bricks for a living. Sky Rats find their own doom among bread in the street.

Which one is the secret passage way…the one to the executive bathroom. (Silly Man in a fur coat). Kermit. Can I fish with those? I am going to eat them. For reptiles sort of suck when it comes to dancing…except for alligators. The Turkey was so delicious, she did not known that it came from soy product. Rides back and forth each day on the silly silly holiday train. Solitude comes in many shapes and sizes but tends to be the color blue.



[response to: her first word was…]

Courtship is never easy…

But then again nothing ever is.


[response to: On edge]



[response to “I am wired in…”]

I pressed my face between the bars in order to be closer to the darkness. The benches and the wire netting around the garbage can looked like they’d been dipped in melted plastic and left to dry, which reminded me of elementary school. I remember sitting at the blue version of the same benches, eating the baloney sandwich my parents thought passed for nutritious and watching my own sneakers swing back and forth through the wires.

The benches all faced a brick wall, and as my eyes adjusted to the special dark of the wooded theater I could make out the white paint drippings of a fake waterfall. A pair of thin trees grew on either side, as if we had stepped out of Philadelphia into a forest.

“What do they hold here?” I asked, gripping the bars.

“Nothing,” he said. “I think it’s been closed for years.”

“Really?” And I looked again and saw the leaves around the benches, a thick carpet of them that hadn’t been swept.

“Yeah. I asked a guy who’d been living here for years. He said he’s never seen it in use.”

I yanked at the gates, and realized that not only were they locked but a bike lock had been looped around the top for good measure. I stuck my arm through the narrow bars, as if maybe I could push through. “I want in,” I said.

“We could do some cool stuff in there,” he added.

I leaned my face back between the metal, more wistful now that I knew I would never see inside. “There’s a bridge,” I said, and there was, a three-D bridge next to the waterfall, as if stretching over its eventual stream. “I feel like a little kid,” I said.

“How so?”

“You know when you’re a little kid running around all these backyards, and you have adventures and make all these discoveries, and everything’s a revelation? I feel like that.”

“Wow,” he said. “You really haven’t been living, have you?”


[response to “Three hunting stumps…”]

Though I troll this house
all your garble is untenable.
You stand inside over my
shoulder and look down
with the bad form. The drag
should stop digging and
do I. Three times is much
too messy. Everything is
telling you where I am in
both-shaped directions.
You never listened so
stuck inside the wires.
The form is folded but not
like a garble like a sandwich.
Swear on this apparatus
you won’t try to stand there

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[response to “Unreasonable Disintegration \\ A Satire”]