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[Response to: Slithering across the green slime…]

reptiles impersonating each other under the moon. slimes swimming in acceptance of their own mortality. this is what he was with subterrestrial rats and alligators a united front. shimmying as response to turtle fantasy. boots squashing in sewage line dance. kicking to bust a gut. fourleg frolic when alligators open man-shaped jaws. improbable, rank, disappointing boats. sad murky face.

the kremlin stifled a yawn against a brick backhand of nostrils. it had been days since such figures of guts busted populating. a figure so busty you catch it with a train from a prairie. the train was hitting something and it was too damn big to stop.

you know how they’ll write about icepicks again and again and again . protect us. project protectiles from icebergs in the shining sea. revolution and all other things that die in a conveyance. each other under the light shining from a manhole. margins margins like glowworms from a harrow plying.



[response to: I am not afraid.]

When the Monsters find my notes…

…they Invade my mind!


[response to “The weather is unreasonably seasonable…”]

Thicklace inmemory carpent. Lakes the thickhurts for awhile then name of tree with gypsumname ofgum oftree hold there. Heave trackslow phototon arun.

Whetherin back unreasonably. Colon fit runsup season looksat onderthumb lookim print.

Halp meetsern urninit should lackershake to see. Lackershake tosee.

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[response to “sweep eep epe eeep eep eep chirp…”]

I pick up a container of hummus on sale and bring it to the check out. I’m behind two couples, one old, one young. The old couple are buying a rotisserie chicken. The young couple have a cheeseplate and a bottle of wine.

The cashiers are all dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters worn without any irony. My cashier has been working here for as long as I can remember. She is tall but has a girth to match her height, and wears too much blue eyeshadow. Her hair is teased and sprayed into a beehive, and her sweater has bells and pom-pom reindeer leaping from the gold button line that marches down the middle. I look up and down the line and the other check out women (they are all women) look the same. I feel like an alien.

“Merry Christmas,” the woman says after I pay for my hummus.

“Happy holidays,” I reply.

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[response to “inces+an+d”]

Do List

– Run hands under water (no soap)
– Smoke break
– Cereal out of the box
– Smoke walk
– Stimulate
– Smoke another cigarette
– Smoke break
– Think
– Skype conversations preferred to Facebook chat
– Slip through the ins and outs of the lens of truth
– What am I doing tonight?
– “i just wanted to show you what i’ve been up to”
– Play with the precipice of ideas and wrong ideas on a clarinet, and turn the vibrations into words in an attempt to express what I’m thinking, but it’s very difficult to interpret and I may have gotten the first question wrong so none of it makes any sense from the start
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