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[Response to: Afternoon drapes.]

I say: is it this already the shine of the already-ate. This is what midnight needs one more set of limbs. I say this is what asks an upside down attention the kind it was hard to spell when you were a kid and long words like upside down sounded like they were hard to spell. Right? Like. I say. It is a nonrepresentational statue of a Great and they do not want it to be shown to them they prefer it would be kept in its own small (degenerate) circle of admirers (degenerate). The necks on that statue. Those awful necks.



[response to: When the Monsters find my notes…

Get these creatures out of my head!

They make it hard to concentrate.


[response to “From Algebra]

A little bit of other things, or basketball

Centered but not focused.  Time rises over the horizon but the slick asphalt and brisk wind tell a different story.  As the North is pulled closer to darkness, the urgency of the present presents itself.  But first a poem.

Zoomed out is connection.
Zoomed in is precision,
but not better.

The curves of the rectangle
Sweat drenched beauty in sloppy grace,
goal oriented.

The end approaches
Repetition overcomes fatigue,
and release.

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